Monday, January 31, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Gaga II for 2011

Another wonderful event in the Viva Glam legacy, the wonderous Lady Gaga has chosen to promote another collection for Viva Glam. Each product purchased directly helps in the prevention and treatment and hopefully one day, the cure of Aids. This collection will be for the nude lovers, a nude gloss and lipstick. The preliminary launch date is set for February 17, 2011, I will update if this should change.


• Viva Glam Gaga II


• Glam Gaga II Nude

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 Makeup Collection: Secret Garden

Introducing The Secret Garden Collection for Spring 2011… modern femininity, warm nudes and cool neutrals; pastel blushes and tender pinks; silvery greys and soft floral highlights of lilac and pale turquoise. Weightless veils of tone-on-tone colour shift and shimmer seamlessly to capture pure femininity, while evoking the mystery of the Dolce & Gabbana classic and modern ultimate beauty.

“We’ve always been inspired by the lush gardens so unique to Sicily; they’re like a secret paradise. The aura of romance – the intoxicating wild flowers, the soft pastels – is such an integral part of our heritage and our aesthetic,” says Stefano Gabbana, “The creation of Spring 2011 was almost subliminal; it came directly from our hearts. It gave us so much pleasure to make something so special for the Dolce & Gabbana woman we know so intimately. Secret Garden is meant to be a key to her innermost soul, very personal, very private and, of course, extremely seductive.”

Adds Domenico Dolce, “With Secret Garden, we wanted to provide a kind of privileged information – or secret formula – for the women we love so much – so she could effortlessly achieve that illusive look of intrigue that all women crave. As for the fabulous Illuminator, it was, of course, inspired by the unfathomable Scarlett – the woman who epitomizes the true mystique of Dolce & Gabbana.”

Shine Lipstick

• Romance (95)

• Love (136)


• Secret (136)

• Bon Bon (57)

Smooth Eye Colour Quad

• Eden (157)

Smooth Eye Colour Duo

• Romance (120)


• White (13)

• Lilac (14)


• Eva (3)

Luminous Cheek Colour

• Delight (35)

Intense Nail Lacquer

• Platinum (90)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chantecaille Spring 2011 Collection

Chantecaille is partnering with Dr. Karen Eckert of WIDECAST to save sea turtles in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, including Caribbean island nations and in Central and South America from extinction. Widecast, the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (, is comprised of a network of expert residents in more than 40 Caribbean nations and territories, all working together to promote a future where sea turtles and human communities can live together in harmony. Please join Chantecaille and Widecast in supporting sea turtle and marine wildlife; proceeds from each purchase will help the organization in its mission to provide a safe environment for the survival of sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Palette (Limited Edition)

New Hydra Chic Shades

• Aster

• Canna

• Willow

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lancome Ultra Lavande Spring 2011

The butterfly is a multicultural symbol of a free soul, femininity and the beauty of nature; Lancome incorporates this beautifully into their spring collection. Shades of pale pink, lavender and rose illuminate the complexion for youthful radiance, while lips glow with an alluring softness. Available February 2011

Color Fever Ultra Gloss

• Beige ballerine

• Lavende ballerine

• Rose ballerina

Lancôme Ultra Lavande' Blush

• Butterflies Fever

Lancôme 'Le Vernis

• Violet Groove

• Le 54

Lancôme 'Ombré Magnetique

• Disco Silver

• Ultra Lavande

• Disco Gold

Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge

• Lily Rose

• Daisy Rose

Lancôme French Touch L'Absolu Rouge
• Berry Rose

Lancôme 'Color Design Eyeshadow Quad - Ultra Lavande'

Le Crayon Khol

• Ultra Lavande

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dior Spring 2011 Makeup Collection – Gris Montaigne

The Montaigne spring collection is inspired by the elegance and refinement of Dior’s first Paris boutique at 30 Avenue Montaigne. The collection features the iconic greys of the House of Dior with feminine shades of pink. In a very Parisian spirit, the new spring look incorporates the all tones of a perfect spring evening with smoky and pearly grey eyes subtly and a natural glowing complexion. The effect the sophistication of Dior.

5-Colour Eyeshadow

• Gris Gris (034)

5-Colour Designer Eyeshadow

• Soft Pink Design (018)

Crayon Eyeliner

• Smoky Grey (077)

Rouge Dior Lipcolour

• Spring Pink (540)

• Chic Pink (658)

Serum de Rouge

• Pink Coral Serum (240)

• Pinky Mauve Serum (460)

Addict Ultra Gloss

• Pink Veil (654)

• Trianon Silver (707)


• Gris Montaigne (707)

• Pink Boa (349)

photo: Temptalia

Sunday, January 16, 2011

YSL Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

“After a rock and baroque themed winter, spring is back with a burst of fresh roses to flush the cheeks while enhancing the complexion with a seemingly innocent purity. Sensual full lips in bright pink or coral light up the face. A bold touch of eyeliner completes the look.” — Lloyd Simmonds

Palette Celebration(Limited Edition)

Creme de Blush

• N° 1 – Velvety Peach

• N° 2 – Powdery Rose

• N° 3 – Silky Praline

• N° 5 – Temptation Fuchsia

• N° 6 – Passion Red

Mascara Singulier

• N° 6 – Deep plum

Ombre Solo

• N° 15 – Gold Leaf

• N° 16 – Topaz Blue

Golden Gloss

• N° 40 – Golden Impertinence

• N° 41 – Golden Insolence

• N° 42 – Golden Obsession

• N° 43 – Golden Irreverence

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Best Products for 2010

With the new year upon us, I wanted to recap on some products that were a constant in my routine in 2010. Some of the goodies have been a long time staple but some are new found loves that I think will be around for awhile! With so many new product releases and promises of the best and brightest, it’s a chore to weed through them all and find things that I absolutely love enough to use consistently. Since I love trying and testing things, I use all kinds of stuff that I like and use here and there, but these are just a few of the items that are staples in my routine. Believe me, there are more that I use regularly but you would be here forever; hence my name Product Junkie! I hope all had a safe and happy New Year and thumbs up for the best and brightest in 2011!

Edward Bess Lipstick-Edward Bess is my long time love, and at the top of my list are his decadent lipsticks. The shades are fabulous for any skin tone and regardless of any shades I’ve tried they all seem to work fabulously with my skin tone. The formulation is super creamy, wears well and super sleek in packaging. I’m not thinking this item is going to disappear from my list of favorites any time soon.

 Origins re-usable water bottle- I have several of these bottles that I use almost daily. In an attempt to buy fewer bottles of water I'v began using my home water cooler and filling these for use during the day. Originally the bottle cost $15 for a 16oz bottle which seems a bit expensive, until you look at the cause you are supporting. The purchase of each bottle helps support Origins campaign to replant tree's in area's that have been depleted. So, in my opinion purchasing this bottle has helped to to be a bit more environmentally friendly in two forms, using less plastic and replanting tree's. I"ll go for that!

 philosophy purity made simple cleanser-this cleanser is my life saver and will never leave my routine. It is a simple product to use and tackles several issues at once. It removes makeup, tones and cleanser all at the same time. However, for me it’s the mildness that hooked me. My skin is finicky and sensitive and this cleanser has never irritated it.

Chanel Hydramax + Active Lip balm- I love the creamy texture of this lip balm not to mention its excellent moisturizing capabilities. Now that winter is upon us it can wreak havoc on our skin and most importantly the lips. This balm keeps them soft and moisturized and absorbs quickly so if you want to apply lipstick immediately after, you can.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Polishes-I love this brand for what it doesn’t have! No toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and absolutely no animal testing. Not to mention that the lounge itself is just an absolute joy to visit. The polishes offer less of the “nail polish” smell and wears exceptionally well considering what is missing from the formulation. I recommend using a ‘sticky’ type base coat, even better is theirs, and you are set for a beautiful manicure for a week.

L’occitane Apricot Flower 95% Shea Butter- When all else fails; Shea Butter is the perfect treatment for all of your skincare needs. I use this on my cuticles, lips, dry heels and even on my hands when they are going to be exposed to the elements. It’s perfect for travel and its compact tin fits perfectly into your pocket, just in case you will be without your purse.

Laura Mercier Body Wash- I love Laura Mercier for her gourmand bath and body line, the products are creamy and non drying and oh so yummy. I could probably do with a less expensive body wash, but this is my little luxury at bath time!

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation-With my never ending search for the foundation that would make me look perfect but still look as if I'm not wearing any, this has come up top so far this year. It becomes one with your skin and gives a perfect airbrushed look. It has a sheer to medium coverage and an ever so slightly luminous look for that fresh appeal. So far so good, so lets cross fingers that it lasts through 2011!

Teavana Tea’s- Teavana teas are a pure indulgence for me, And I just cannot live without them! This is truly an investment in my health and wellness, not to mention the superb cup of tea.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

MAC Peacocky Collection for Spring 2011

Kissable Lipcolour
• Enchantée
• Exxxhibitionist
• Flaunting It
• Love Peck
• Peacocky
• Scandelicious
• So Vain
• Strut Your Stuff
• Super
• Temper Tantra
• Vanity Fair
• Woo Me

 Mega Metal Shadow

• Centre Stage
• Dalliance
• Dandizette
• Ego
• Mating Call
• Noir Plum
• Odalisque
• Paparazz-she
• Peek-at-You
• Prance
• Sexpectations
• Spectacle of Yourself
• Top of the Posh
• Tweet Me
• Unflappable

Available January 6th, 2011
PHOTO: Temptalia