Sunday, January 31, 2010

KenzoKi Part 1-Sensual Milky Rice Body Scrub

The ‘Sensual’ fragrance from Kenzoki is based on the scent of steamed rice, soft and sensual; the soft scent of skin. I first encountered the skincare and bodycare of the KenzoKi line when Nordstrom used to carry it. It then went onto Sephora for awhile and I was thrilled that we were starting to distribute this fabulous line in the US. It is based on Japanese skin care technology and we all know and see how advanced they are; ever see a Japanese woman with bad skin? Unfortunately, it’s one of those lines that the mass markets here didn’t catch onto. But its fabulousness is not diminished because of it. It’s now only sold on, one site I visit often for replenishment of my KenzoKi products. It’s an extension of the Kenzo line and we all know and love Amour, so just imagine this scented line to be of that family, just a touch lighter and softer.

The unusual texture of this scrub will tantalize you. It’s not your typical scrub with sugar or salt grains, it contains exfoliating granules of skin nourishing beads that dissolve on the skin as you massage it in; and the base is not oil, it’s a creamy mixture of skin caring moisturizers. All you are left with is silky soft skin that is softly scented with the ‘Sensual’ fragrance. Layer on your Bare Body Night cream and you are set for soft slumber; or a day full of sensually soft and silky skin. The value is exceptional for such a superb product; you get a 6.7oz jar for $45 at

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dior Couture Colour Mystic Smokey’s Shadow

I wanted to post an actual photo of this quint, as it is just stunning! You really can’t see the fabulousness of the colors until you see it in person. I was not that impressed with the stock photos, so when I got this, I was quite surprised! It has the perfect shades for a smokey look without being all about the black and grey. It has a deep dark purple, a smokey grey, a shimmering ivory, matte dark brown and a luminous pink. With this particular quint, you could do a subtle smokey look with the brown, ivory and pink. Or you could use the stunning purple and grey for a more dramatic smokey eye. Another great thing about this set, all of the colors are usable. I have this problem when I buy palettes or quads and quints, some of the colors are usable and some go untouched. But in this one, all of the shades can be used! Not to mention, the quality of Dior’s shadows, soft and silky with excellent color payoff! The Couture Colour shadows are no exception; they are silky, soft and have amazing pigmentation. The difference in these quints to the other Dior ones is that it says it guarantee’s smudge proof wear, and that it can be used wet. I’ve tried using the other Dior shadows wet and it didn’t work as well. These are working much better with a damp applicator for the intense color payoff.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giorgio Armani Nude Contrast Spring 2010

From the back stages of the Giorgio Armani Spring Fashion Show, new eye palettes create the perfect smoky eye. Harmonious shades color and contrast for a modern smoky look, while slips shimmer with innocent appeal. These limited edition palettes come housed in signature black compacts for sleek and classic appeal; a classic to never go out of style. Limited Edition for Spring 2010 and available at

Nude Contrast Eye Palettes

• No.1-light blue, bare bronze, jet black, silver

• No.2-nude pink, bare bronze, pure red, gold

Lip Shimmer

• #59-frozen beige

• #61-festive gold patina

ArmaniSilk Lipstick

• #98

• #99

Monday, January 25, 2010

Chanel Les Regards De Chanel

I am thrilled to have my hands on this palette! It is a stunning palette with everything you need for a complete eye look from sculpting brows, lining eyes and shading and contouring eye shadows. You get two brow shades, one eye liner and a trio of satin shadow, plus mini liner brush and brow and shadow brushes. I love that everything is housed in one compact that can be carried in my makeup bag or it can fit easily into my travel bag! Everything in this palette is completely usable and flattering to all skin tones, from fair to dark. Chanel did a superb job putting this one together, there is nothing in that wont’ be able to use. So that makes it an exceptional item for me. Available at for $70.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Philosophy Color of Grace Cosmetic Collection

Debuting on, Philosophy presents Color of Grace, a collection of Grace inspired cosmetic items to illuminate the face, eye and lips. Each item emanates the state of grace for angelic innocence in all shades of divine pink. Not to mention how adorably cute the pink packaging is! Prices range from $20-37.50 and each item will be available exclusively on QVC beginning January 23rd.

• Angel Kiss Pink Lip Gloss Trio- $30

• Shimmering Pink All Over Face Powder-$29.50

• Art of Blush Pink Dreams Blush Compact-$35

• Perfect Pink Face Palette-$37.50

• Heavenly Light Pink Illuminator-$28.00

• Go with Grace Heavenly Pink Face Brush-$20

Friday, January 22, 2010

Clinique Juiced Up Colour Collection for Spring 2010

The focus of this collection is the vibrant colors of a spring bounty of fresh fruit picked fresh from the vine. Shimmering blushes, soft shades for eyes and colorful lips adds lusciousness for a burst of healthy color. This collection sounds refreshing, so much of past collections has had the focus on smokey eyes and alluring looks, it will be fun to have a collection that is fresh and colorful, something a little different! Available February 2010.

Fresh Picked Allover Colour

• Mixed Berries

Fresh Picked Eye Shadow

• Fresh Picked Berry

• Fresh Picked Pear

Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour

• Pink Me Up

• Goodness Grapecious

• Nude-tritious

• Fig-a-licious

• Raisin the Bar

• Rhubarbie

High Lengths Mascara

• Black

Instant Lift for Brows.

• Soft Blonde

• Soft Brown

• Deep Brown

Eye Defining Liquid Liner

• Black

Powder Brush.

Eye Shadow Brush

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paul and Joe Sparkles Collection Spring 2010

A collection for spring enchant with shades bathed in sunshine and flowers. Face and eye colors emanate the spirit of romance with soft and shimmery shades for eyes, face and lips. Of course, all are housed in the famous Paul and Joe whimsical printed containers, these are not just pretty on the outside however, they stun you with sweet sparkle when you see what’ s on the inside! Available at

Eye and Face Color

• Honeysuckle-Off white and brown-gold

• Lady’s Slipper-Fresh green and fresh pink

• Purple Clover-Light purple and dark purple

Lip Gloss Laquer

• Baby’s Breath-Clear white and healthy beige

• Snapdragon-Clear orange and vibrant orange

• Primrose-Sweet pink and fuchsia pink

Photos: Beauty Habit

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection

On February 11th, 2010, you’ll see this collection hit counters. All four collections will be released on the same day, but with different displays. Each collection presents something for everyone, only thing now is deciding on what you want. This collection could break the bank!

Spring Colour 1 Forecast


• Bubble Gum

• Laugh-a-lot

• Phlox

• Pink Burst


• Cultureclash

• Hush, Hush

• Electric Fuchsia Bright


• Da Bling

• LaLa

• Rosy Outlook

• Very Violet

Crush Metal Pigment: Stacked 1

• Pale pink, light lilac, mid-tone rose, dark purple


• Plushblack

Blush Ombre

• Azalea Blossom

Nail Lacquer

• Galore Pink


• Pinkaura

Spring Colour 2 Forecast


• Colour Me Coral

• Fresh Salmon

• Rose Maiden Frosted

• Victorian


• Cha Cha

• Ember Glow

• Kumquat


• Hot Hot Hot

• Nanogold

• Perky

• Straw Harvest

Crush Metal Pigment: Stacked 2

• Pale gilded beige, yellow gold, green gold, copper gold


• Plushblack

Blush Ombre

• coral

Nail Lacquer

• Malibu Peach

Creations: MV2

Spring Colour 3 Forecast


• Hang-up

• Radicchio


• Lavender Wind

• Purple Rage

Eyeshadow Quad — Colour 3

• Black Tulip

• Bruised Plum

• Jungle Moon

• Mink Pink

Blush Ombre

• Vintage Grape

Nail Lacquer

• Imperial Splendour

Spring Colour 4 Forecast


• Beigeland

• Bronzilla


• Almondine

• Gold Dust

Eyeshadow Quad — Colour 4

• Aztec Brick

• Creole Beauty

• Flip Bronze

• Manila Paper

Blush Ombre

• Springshine

Nail Lacquer

• Abalone Shell

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The first ever fragrance for Smashbox, this fragrance is certainly for the young at heart, yet the sexy sirens will fall in love with this as well. The alluring blend of floral and spices, blue violet, precious musk and vanilla, create a long lasting scent, sure to become the ‘heartbreakers’ signature scent. Bottled in a pink pen style roller ball makes it easy to apply  anywhere you want a sweet seductive scent, anytime and anywhere. Right now it is a limited edition item and only comes in a .34oz size for $22. But let’s cross our fingers for a larger size to compliment the permanent collections.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Givenchy New Impressions Collection for Spring 2010

Givenchy launches New Impressions, designed by Nicolas Degennes. For Spring-Summer 2010, pink and rose lips paired with six new blush combinations are quite impressive, fresh and feminine. Available February 2010

Printed Lips

• Pink Impresion

• Rose Impression

Pop Gloss Crystal

• Coral Impression

Gloss Interdit

• Magenta Impression

Rouge Interdit

• Rose Impression

Rouge Interdit Shine

• Coral Impression

Le Prisme Blush

• Inspiration Rose

• Vintage Pink

• Aficionada Peach

• It-girl Purple

• In Vogue Orange

• Fashionista Brown

Phenomen-Eyes Effet Extension

• Purple Impression

Parad’eyes Liner

• Mauve Impression

• Nude Impression

Vernis Please

• Purple Impression

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightner Review

YSL set the scene with their pen style eye brightener and everyone has been trying to catch up ever since. Although YSL is the original and still high on my list for best eye brightner-concealer, there have been several others that followed that I liked almost as much, sometimes even more depending on my needs. I was thrilled when I heard Bobbi Brown was coming out with one of her own. This was the one item she didn’t have that I had a major lemming for. I love the portability of the pen style brightner-concealers.

And I must say it’s been worth the wait! The consistency is fabulous, not too watery and not too thick, so it doesn’t get cakey. I wore this alone on first try, I did not have too much to conceal that particular day, just needed a bit of ‘wake me up’! Second time around, I used Bobbi’s concealer pot first than this over top. Also worked great, and it wore all day without caking. I did touch up once during the day, and that was fine too. No build-up then either. The shade ranges are great; better than most as a matter of fact, eight shades to choose from. My only complaint is the size. It’s tiny, and for $38 I only wonder if it’s worth it. Price has never kept me from buying something I truly love so; I’ll have to mull it over a bit more, to see if it will remain a staple item! Over all, I give this a B.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Philosophy “Mocktails”-Bellini, Appeletini, and Pomegranate Martini

With the Holidays over, but winter still upon us we all need a break from the freezing cold and chill. I love Philosophy’s new “mocktails! They give a quick dose of refreshing cocktail scented bubbles without the calories, and lets me escape for just a few moments. While I’m in the bath at least! Use them alone or combine them to make a “mocktail” of your own! Enjoy a cheerful bath with a bit of Italian flair with peachy Bellini scented bubbles; how about a scintillating dose of Pomegranate Martini and lastly but not least, my favorite; bubbly Appletini! All are gentle, creamy and give a huge dollop of extra-rich bubbles. I like to use these as a treat for shiny soft hair, with just a touch of scent. Any way you like to use them, they are the ultimate escape from the reality of winters chill. Even if for a moment! At $16 for a 16oz bottle you can have your tropical get-a-way without breaking the bank. Exclusively at Nordstrom or

Friday, January 8, 2010

Laura Mercier 'Polished' Collection

The face for spring will be polished to perfection with soft metallic neutral browns for eyes, lips will radiate with a velvety finish and glossy shine. Flats and metallic’s intermingle for a ‘polished’ spring look. Available now at Nordstrom,, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Sephora.

Lip Shine-Crystal Pink

Satin Lip Color-Barely Nude, Pink Cocoa, Maple Brown

Radiant Crème Color-Polished

Eye Luster Duo-Golden Brown

Matte Eye Color Duo-Cocoa Rose

Sateen Eye Color Duo-Plum Spice

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MAC Cosmetics All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection

I am thrilled to have viewed this collection, and the name says it all. This collection is geared for everyone, all ages, all sexes and all races. Whether its the neutral shadows or 'for everyone' lip colors, it will be hard to find items that won't work for anyone, regardless of complexion. I'm thrilled about the new brow products, in particular the brow pencils. Always having been a fan of the automatic brow pencil, I"m still quite partial to one I can sharpen! MAC listened because there are four new shades! Run, don't walk to your nearest counter, I have a feeling this collection will fly off the shelves!

“All Ages, All Races, All Sexes is our credo. Now M∙A∙C takes the “One World” idea further than ever, with a multi-culti colour story intent on a universal focus – spectacularly shaded and shaped brows for all, because beautiful people come in colours! Miraculously matched to the individual, Impeccable Brow Pencil is the ultimate artist’s tool to fill, lengthen and shape, with a firm tip that sharpens application for high-performance precision. Penultimate Brow Marker, in one shade suits all, has a liquefied glide adept at the all-important arch. But that’s not all: Lipstick, Lipglass, Eye Shadow and Nail Lacquer shade extensions speak your language, a match for every international skin tone”-MAC Cosmetics

Available January 7th, 2010


• Myself

• Equality

• Empowered

• 5N


• Glamour for All Sheer

• Spirit & Soul

• Liqueur

• Naked


• All Races

• Cross

• Banshee

• Showstopper

• Universal Mix

• Rich Life

Beauty Powder Blushes

• Personal Style

• All’s Good

Impeccable Brow Pencil

• Blonde Pale

• Dirty Blonde

• Taupe

• Black

Penultimate Brow Marker

• Universal Sheer neutral brown

Brow Set

• Mink

• Clear

Brow Pencil

• Lingering

• Stud

Blot Powder/Pressed

• Medium

• Deep Dark