Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Estee Lauder and Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Estee Lauder gives you a way to indulge in your beauty obsession while helping with a wonderful cause. Every one of us will either be touched or know someone who will be touched by this devastating disease, so every little thing we can do will help. With the purchase of each of these BCA items, proceeds will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and aid in preventing breast cancer and finding a cure.

Estee Lauder Jeweled Pink Ribbon Pin-$12

Liz Hurley Lip Collection:
 Elizabeth Pink Lipstick, Pink Lady Gloss, Pink Writer Liner $22

Evelyn Lauder Lip Collection:
 Bois de Rose Lipstick, Blush Gloss, Spice Write Liner $22

Monday, September 28, 2009

Guerlain Imperiale Holiday Collection for Holiday 2009

A new story and a new Christmas tale, illustrated – as before – by Princess Natalia. This time, she was proclaimed Empress!

A tribute to the femme-enfant, so wonderfully interpreted by Romy Schneider in Sissi: The Young Empress. A tribute also to history: Guerlain fondly remembers being distinguished as the very official and exclusive “Her Majesty Empress Eugenia’s patented Perfumer” in 1853. Seems like only yesterday!

In the 21st century, inspiration from the past and from all things exotic is the fuel of creation. We continue to like opulence, but in a more balanced way. Splendour is underlined with humour: while jewels bedazzle with their brilliance, the cascading rivers of diamonds may not come from Place Vendôme!

The nobility of precious stones and fabrics is enhanced with the elegance of luminous, delicately scintillating makeup. The ingredients used to achieve it are at the leading edge of sophistication, combining shades of gold with the finest powders and easy-to-apply textures, for the best possible results. Our Empress may thus apply her own makeup, without the help of a maid or… a makeup artist. A dreamy modern beauty who plays with makeup to feel sublime, an evening, a night… for a lifetime.

– Olivier Échaudemaison, Creative Director

Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body

Silky and ultra light sparkling powder to grace the skin with a diamond like reflections.

Météorites Perles Impériales

Famous and magical, these infamous multi-effect pearls are luminous and give silky perfection to all complexions.

Météorites Voyage Impérial

Imagine the magical little pearls, except in a jeweled compact and perfect for touch-ups on the go.

Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eye Shadow -#407 Bal de Nuit

Le 2 Mascara -#12 Reine de Nuit

Rouge G Lipstick -#11 Grace, #12 Gems

KissKiss Gloss -#807 Pearl de Lune, #808 Ambre Precieuse, #809 Rubis Rose

SHALIMAR LIMITED HOLIDAY EDITION — “Birds of Paradise” ($100.00)

Available October 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Laura Mercier for Holiday 2009

Laura Mercier gives us gift galore! Palettes a plenty, candles to light up the winter nights and lips that sparkle and shine! Your Christmas wish list just got humungous! Available November 2009.

Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour Palette

• shadows: Champagne, Sepia, Mink, Malt and Sterling

• brushes: Crème Eye Detail Brush and Eye Colour Brush

Laura Mercier Petite Eye Palette

• Warm Eye Colour Palette: Sandstone, Stellar, Bamboo, Truffle

• Cool Eye Colour Palette: Morning Dew, Rose, African Violet, Twilight Grey

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glacé Set

• Shades: Pink Diamond, Babydoll, Violet, Ambre Rose and Bellini

Laura Mercier Colour Wardrobe

• Top tier: Black Plum Eye Colour, Stellar Eye Colour, Café au lait Eye Colour, Sandstone Eye Colour, Celestial Eye Colour, Coffee Ground Eye Colour, Plum Cheek Colour, Rose Cheek Colour, Nude Cheek Colour, Eye Colour/Corner Eye Colour Double Ended Brush

• Bottom tier: Mocha Lip Colour, Scarlet Lip Colour, Melon Lip Colour, Mulberry Lip Colour, Nude Lip Colour, Rosette Lip Colour, Brown Lip Glaze, Pink Lip Glaze, Double Ended Lip Brush

Laura Mercier Deluxe Mini Brush Set

• Double-Ended Brushes: Crème Cheek Colour/Cheek Colour, Secret Camouflage/Camouflage Powder, Ponytail/Eye Colour, Brow Groomer/Lip, Flat Eye Liner/Smudge

Laura Mercier Touch-up Brush Set

• Brushes: Cheek Colour Brush, All Over Eye Colour Brush, Eye Crease Brush, Flat Eye Liner Brush

Laura Mercier Soufflé Sampler

• Almond Coconut, Crème Brulee and Crème de Pistache

Laura Mercier Candles

• Almond Coconut, Crème Brulee, Warm Roasted Chestnuts

Laura Mercier Foiled Eye Colour

• VIP Gold

• VIP Silver

Laura Mercier Lip Glace

• After Hours

Thursday, September 24, 2009

YSL End of Year Event 2009 for Holiday 2009

The Yves Saint Laurent END-OF-YEAR 2009 make-up collection celebrates passionate colors to dazzle the year’s most festive evenings. Leaving glitter behind, Yves Saint Laurent opts for the ultimate chic of pure, vibrant, incandescent colors. From sublime red to deep plum, the shades adapt with variable textures, multiple effects and powerful combinations. Worn alone in a refined monochrome or paired in contrasting duos, they are intensely alive and designed to be freely expressed for an instinctive, ultra couture make-up look.



Rouge Pur Lipstick: N°149, N°150, N°151, N°152 

Golden Gloss: N°17, N°18

Mini Touche Blush N°11

Eyeshadow Duo: N°1

Dramatic Styling Mascara: N°1
La Laque: N°1

Available November 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chantecaille Les Pétales Collection for Holiday 2009

Sylvie and Olivia created three beautiful products encased in small compacts, delicately etched with Chantecaille’s signature rose in a rose-gold metallic finish to embellish our holidays.  A luminous powder for the delicate planes of your face, a rose lip gloss that brings out the natural rose like tint of your lips and highlighting powder for touchups any time time of the day or night. All incased in delicate rose gold compacts for perfect touch-ups anytime!

Voile de Rose Poudre Délicate

Rêve de Rose Lip Gloss SPF 15

Lumière de Rose Face Highlighter

Available October 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kerastase Bain Gommage Shampoo

I decided to post a review on this shampoo because I seem to be having the same discussion with many people these days. Dry, itchy and flaky scalp! It’s horrifying and extremely irritating to have your scalp so itchy and flaky, not to mention the embarrassment of flakes! But unfortunately, this time of year brings on this condition. The weather is changing and it takes a toll on your scalp. Your scalp is skin, just like the rest of your body, except when your skin is dry and itchy you moisturize it. It’s much more challenging to moisturize your scalp when it gets dry and itchy. And when your scalp decides to flake, boy does it! I use this shampoo during this pesky time and after a few shampoos, it’s like heaven on my scalp. On the first shampoo the itchiness and flakes are dramatically reduced. Upon second shampoo, it’s reduced by about 50%. After about three or four shampoos my scalp is rebalanced to a healthy condition. Itchiness is nearly illuminated and flakes are down to a bare minimum. I usually use this shampoo for about two to three weeks before I alternate in my regular routine. After that, I use this about once a week. It is gentle to my scalp and keeps my dry hair and ends nourished, so it is great for color treated or heat treated hair.

Ritual: For the first several shampoo’s, I apply shampoo to dry scalp and massage it in with my fingertips. Leave it on your dry scalp for about three minutes, then emulsify into lather with water. Rinse and reapply about a quarter size to wet hair for a second shampoo. It is beneficial to leave the shampoo on your scalp for a few minutes to allow the treatment to penetrate and treat the scalp. Then follow with your favorite conditioner.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chanel Noir Obscur Macara

Black as black can be, Inimitable and Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara’s now comes in Noir Obscur, a limited edition extreme black shade. Chanel captures the market on black; their nail polishes have been going black long before the trend hit the masses. Black is the look of the fall season, but Chanel has been doing black in their cosmetics for some time now. Mademoiselle Chanel felt that black was sophisticated, and we all know how much above the times she was. She certainly was a step above all when it comes to style; now we have the extreme black mascara’s to add to the sophistication of all Chanel eye looks!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beauty on a Budget: part 3

With the economy so bad most of us are tightening the reigns on how much money we spend, so I continue with part 3! In this series, I’m going to show you how beauty does not have to break the bank! You can look and feel fabulous for very little coin. For product junkies like us, cutting down is very hard and causes major anxiety! Fortunately it does not have to be that way, you can still indulge in your obsession and it doesn’t have to cost you your first born. You can still indulge and pamper yourself with items that will be budget friendly.
Eye Shadow: NYX Eye Shadow Singles

We diva’s love our eye shadows and can never have enough, but wow it can cost! Not anymore! NYX Shadow Singles have a stay put formula for all day wear, yet are super silky! Mix and mingle your shades, smoky, soft, neutral or high drama. With 160 shades to choose from you can have them all! At $5 each, you won’t be breaking the bank.

Foundation: Loreal True Match™ Foundation

I tried this foundation about a year ago while on a trip. I’d not received my luggage and the only store near me was a Walgreens. Not sure of the shades since I couldn’t test them, I picked one I thought was closest to my skin tone. I did a good job because it matched. Although my luggage ended up arriving shortly after, I used this for a few day more, why not, I’d spend money on it! I loved the fact that it had sunscreen, always a plus! But it wore superbly; I was in NYC so I was too busy to touch up. No worries though, I didn’t need to! With the long wear, vitamin packed formulation and Opti-blend complex for coverage control and optical pearls that blends imperfections, this was a deal! At $10.95 for a 1oz bottle you can’t beat it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick

If you love the Argan Oil, you will love the convenience of this Argan Oil Stick. It is complete convenience and portability of your favorite oil in a portable and compact stick. The natural and organic oil stick is the perfect multi-purpose balm for head to toe use. Argan Oil has superb anti aging benefits yet can be used on dry cuticles. Chapped lips and dry elbows and heels are healed and protected, yet dry fly away hair is tamed and smoothed. Been out in the elements too long? No worries, soothe and relieve chafing with a swipe of the balm, the list goes on and on. From the natural and organic ingredients to its tube made out of recycled materials, natural skincare doesn’t get any better than this. Want to take it with you for that long flight? Go ahead! It’s completely TSA friendly! How about that!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beauty on a Budget: part 2

With the economy so bad most of us are tightening the reigns on how much money we spend, so I continue with part 2! In this series, I’m going to show you how beauty does not have to break the bank! You can look and feel fabulous for very little coin. For product junkies like us, cutting down is very hard and causes major anxiety! Fortunately it does not have to be that way, you can still indulge in your obsession and it doesn’t have to cost you your first born. You can still indulge and pamper yourself with items that will be budget friendly.

Bubble bath and body wash: Johnson’s Baby Wash and Bubble Bath

Johnson and Johnson makes many wonderful products for complete body care, head to toe. And they are cost friendly! In addition to the baby shampoo I use for cleaning brushes, they make a fabulous body wash and bubble bath that I use for my nightly bath. Its mild and non irritation so if you have sensitive skin, this is for you. If it’s gentle enough for baby its gentle enough for you, I believe that’s how it goes! The scent is soft and calming and can be shared by the whole family including baby, but best of all; 15oz will only run you around $3.99.

Body Oil: Neutrogena Body Oil

Living in the southwest, it gets extremely dry and your skin suffers for it. Neutrogena Body Oil is a light y scented sesame formula that instantly absorbs into the skin sealing in much needed moisture. I apply it after my bath or shower while my skin is still damp to seal in moisture. Or I add to my bath water for a skin softening soak. Prices vary but the average prices are $10-$16 for 8oz-16oz.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MAC Style Black Collection

This is one MAC collection I can’t wait to get! Having viewed this collection, I can tell you that it is deep, dark and intriguing. Black fingertips, blackened eyes and shimmering black-toned lips are hot and dramatic. Not to mention the Volcanic Ash Exfoliatior and Mask, they will change the way you see your skin! The goth in you is dying to get out, but in a sophisticated and alluring way!


• Black Knight


• Midnight Media

• Night Violet


• Bling Black

• Blackfire

• Blackware

Mineralize Eye Shadows

• Cinderfella

• Young Punk

• Gilt by Association

• Blue Flame

Grease Paintstick

• Black

Penultimate Liner

• Rapidblack

Eye Kohl

• Smolder

Cream Colour Base

• Black

• Bat Black

Nail Lacquer

• Nocturnelle

• Seriously Hip

• Baby Goth Girl


• #214 Short Shader Brush

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

Available September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beauty on a Budget: part 1

With the economy so bad most of us are tightening the reigns on how much money we spend, no more $6 latte’s, eating out everyday is a no-no, luxury jeans are gone to the wind! In this series, I’m going to show you how beauty does not have to break the bank! You can look and feel fabulous for very little coin. For product junkies like us, cutting down is very hard and causes major anxiety! Fortunately it does not have to be that way, you can still indulge in your obsession and it doesn’t have to cost you your first born. You can still indulge and pamper yourself with items that will be budget friendly.

Eye Makeup Remover: Sephora Waterproof Makeup Removing pads

Removing makeup at night is an essential to having clean healthy skin. Sephora’s Waterproof Eye Makeup Removing Pads not only remove waterproof makeup from your eyes but are superb for your whole face. Each cotton round is pre-soaked with gentle fragrance, paraben and oil free remover, so no more oily residue! Even those with the most sensitive skin can enjoy the ease and convenience of these. Best of all, only $8 for 30 pads!

Facial Cleanser: Cetaphil Cleanser

CETAPHIL® cleanser is a gentle, non-irritating cleanser for even the most sensitive skin. A non-soap cleanser, CETAPHIL is completely non-alkaline, non-comedogenic, and fragrance free. It soothes and softens as it cleanses, helping the skin retain moisture yet it thoroughly removes all traces of dirt and makeup. For some this cleanser may take getting used to since it does not foam up. I usually rub the cleanser onto my face and massage off the dirt and makeup and just rinse. It is so gentle you can use for babies and children, even those with skin conditions like Eczema can use this without irritating side affects. I must mention that a 16oz bottle will only put you out $11.49!

Brush Cleanser: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

With all of the money we invest in our makeup brushes, caring for them properly is absolutely essential. Cleaning your brushes properly not only keeps them free of germs and bacteria but keeps them in tip top shape! There are so many brush cleaners out there and they are all excellent, but I have found that baby shampoo works wonderfully. They work exceptionally well for your natural hair brushes but synthetic brushes fare just as well. I have used Johnsons’ Baby Shampoo for my brushes for years but the store brand baby shampoo’s work just as well. A 20oz bottle of Johnsons usually runs around $5.49 and last about 9-10 months. I just use a cup or bowl and make a “bath” out of water and shampoo, swish the brushes in the solution, rinse with clean water and lay flat to dry.

Jill Stuart in US

Dreams have come true for all of us Jill Stuart lovers! I read on Blogdorfgoodman.com that the line has come to the US. So I called the Jill Stuart Boutique on Greene Street in NYC and they did confirm the arrival! Right now there is no online ordering but it can be ordered over the phone from the boutique. I plead to all to make this line a success so they can expand to more locations. No more ordering from Asia, we need it here! To order call the boutique at 100 Greene Street 212-343-2300.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Now is the time to enjoy the new products Giorgio Armani Cosmetics has to offer. Enjoy 20% off of your total order plus free shipping on order of $50 or more! Visit http://www.giorgioarmanibeauty.com/ to begin your shopping!
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Palettes

Eyes are bold, intense, seductive and smoky … the true Armani signature eye. The EYES TO KILL eye shadow palettes come in four bold combinations to fully arm the Armani eye. Each palette includes a deep eye liner in the center, a luminescent highlighter and a daring eye shadow wrapped around the rim. Teamed up with the Eyes to Kill Mascara and you have “eyes to kill”!
1 – steel black

center: steel black

middle: white pearl

external: metallic black grey

2 – brown copper

center: black brown

middle: gold bronze

external: chromed copper

3 – gun metal grey

center: daring grey

middle: light aubergine

external: gun metal grey

4 – rouge iron

center: crimson

middle: gold beige

external: red iron

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bobbi Brown Eyes and Cheek To Go Palette

A limited edition chrome three pan palette and brush set will be available exclusively at Nordstrom in September 2009. The palette will feature two eye quads and pot rouge, each with a protective cover so you can use them in the customizable palette or carry them solo. Taking your makeup routine mobile has never been so easy! Available at Nordstrom for $60.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

le Metier de Beaute Nail Lacquers

Luxurious brilliance at your fingertips, formulated without formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DPB) for a nourishing nail treatment. Le Metier de Beaute Nail Lacquers provide long-lasting color and shine that are fortified with proteins and hydrators to keep nails strong and supple while providing rich and long wearing color. The innovative formula stays true to its color without fading or streaking, even resists chipping up to 14 days. Now that’s luxury at your fingertips!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Solid Perfume Cocktail Ring

If you are looking for Hollywood Glam, you have found it with Michael Kors newest little gem! Packed inside of this stunning jewel is a seductive scent of Mandarin, Gardenia and Vetiver. Not only will you have the luxurious essence of Hollywood surround you any time of the day or night; not only will touch-ups will be at your “fingertips” but you will have a stunning cocktail ring to help you capture the Hollywood experience!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection for Winter 2009

Coco Chanel revered the color black as a symbol of luxury, sophistication and seduction. Color director Peter Philips creates a tribute to Mademoiselle Chanel and the color black with a daring collection of trend setting eye, lip and nail shades. Undertones of brown, red and deep dark eggplant are the epitome of elegance when worn on either the eyes, lips or nails. Put them all together and you have the mystique and striking trend started by an icon ahead of her time!

Les Folies Noirs Eyeshadow Quad~

• Deep Black Green

• Deep Mahogany

• Blackened Midnight Blue

• Deep dark black violet

Rouge Allure Lipstick~

• Hysteria

• Maniac

• Obscure


• Noir Obscur

Exceptionnel de Chanel~

• Noir Obscur

Aqualumiere Gloss~

• Furious (#717)


• Demoniac

Le Vernis~

• Diabolic (#427)

• Forbidden (#437)

• Vendetta (#483)

Availability: November 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kat Von D Tatoo Concealer

I love the versatility of this concealer, it can be used anywhere on your face to covering tattoo’s on your body! A heavy duty, multitasking concealer, Tattoo Concealer is a creamy, blendable concealer that gives instant, customizable coverage. The oil- and paraben-free, long-wearing formula makes covering and concealing blemishes, dark circles, tattoos, and imperfections easy as pie. From sheer coverage to full coverage, light concealing to hiding tattoo’s, build up to the coverage you need for any imperfection imaginable. Comes in 8 skin complimenting shades of Porcelain, Sand. 1 Light, 2 Medium, 3 Tan, Almond, Caramel, Coco.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Siren Red Lips
 The fall and winter months are fast approaching and with dark, alluring lips the look of the season, some of us shudder with anxiety! Finding the perfect red lip might seem like an easy task but for some, like myself, finding the red lipstick is a never ending task. And, not everyone is comfortable wearing such a dark shade, but we must stay in tune with what is going in the beauty arena!

Wearing the red lip does not necessarily mean having to wear a full coverage, opaque or creamy red lip. We all associate the red lip with sirens like Marilyn Monroe but, I’ll tell you, I can’t pull off that look. Maybe for a special event but for everyday, I just can’t do it! You can ease into the look with one that is more sheer, like a wash or stain. One that is perfect for this is Lipstick Queen’s Medieval lipstick. It looks deep, dark and truly red in the tube, but on the lip sheer and stunning! It has a texture and shine more like a lip balm but gives that perfect ting of red. I have been wearing this during the day with any makeup look and it’s absolutely perfect! I’m actually looking forward to wearing this during the colder months; it’ll be the perfect imitation of a “been out for a brisk walk on a cool morning” look!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kiehl’s Acai Organic Skin Care Line

“Since our inception, we have always been known for our service and for creating efficacious products,” said Salgardo, noting that everyone asks for “green” products, but still demand high performance. “We heard that our customers wanted organics, that they wanted paraben-free, that they wanted natural — and they wanted to focus on the first signs of aging. We went to the lab to do all that. The result: our new Açaí line.”

Kiehl’s is set to unveil its first organic skin care line in mid September 2009. Completely organic it has received approval from Ecocert and Cradle to Cradle, the ultimate acknowledgement of acceptance from the leading professional’s in the organic industry. The line will begin with Acai Damage Minimizing Cleanser, Damage Protecting Toning Mist, Damage Correcting Moisturizer and Damage Repairing Serum.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Clinique Black Tie Violet Collection for Winter 2009

Soft and muted, classic sophistication, that's the Clinique signature style!
Colour Surge Eye Shadow:

• Frosted Blossom

• Purple Pixie

• Black Orchid

Cream Shaper for Eyes:

• Starry Plum

Long Last Lipstick:

• Pinkberry

Long Last Glosswear SPF 15:

• Clearly Pink

Quickliner For Lips:

• Raspberry

Blushing Blush Powder Blush:

• Smoldering Plum

• Iced Lotus

Available October 2009