Sunday, May 29, 2011

Purity Cleansing Bar

I was quite intrigued when I heard that philosophy was coming out with a purity bar! I love the original purity and wanted to love the foam, but for me the foam was great as a morning cleanser. But it just didn’t do as good of a job as the original purity at complete cleansing. The wipes I love for a quick cleansing when I’m not wearing a lot of makeup or don’t have major cleaning to do. The wipes are also great for taking while I’m out exercising so I’ve kept using those.

I picked up my purity bar from Nordstrom this past weekend and I’ve been using it daily for four days now. It’s a HUGE bar, 7oz to be exact. That’s quite a big bar of soap compared to most. It has a bigger price tag than most bars of soap as well, but then again it’s not most bars of soap. philosophy says it’s the same as the original purity and can be used on face or body, the only difference is that it is in soap form. I haven’t used it on my body but have been using it on my face as I would the original purity. And so far so good! It foams up but not the massive foaming of the foaming purity; it does cleanse as well as the original and has the same scent. It doesn’t seem to be dissolving too quickly but I have had it in a soap dish that drains.

What I’m going to like the most I think, is that it will be easily portable especially when I’m traveling. One less thing to pack! Soon I will be able to bypass checking my back and just have a carry on that will actually have all of my needs in it. For the $20 price point this needs to have everything I want in a bar soap, it doesn’t hurt that its purity. But it still needs to live up to the purity reputation. So far so good!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cle de Peau Beaute La Beaute Metalique Summer 2011

ClĂ© de Peau BeautĂ©’s Metalique Spring/Summer 2011 color collection that reflects the precious metallic’s found in sunlit summer days and romantic summer evenings. With exquisite combinations of translucent color and the ever-changing lights to capture and promote radiance and luminosity that are one with the skin.

The most gorgeous hues of bronzes, burnt coppers, soft pinks, subtle lilacs and pale blues bring the glorious season to life with multi-dimensional brilliance that is fresh and new. New foundations, glorious shadow quads along with new shades of lipsticks bring sophistication and femininity to this romantic summer collection.

Cream Foundation SPF 26Gives a look of illumination from within, in a convenient tube with SPF26

• B10

• B20

• B30

• Bf20

• I10

• O10

• O20

• O30

Eye Color Quad

• 206

• 207
Quad 206

Extra Rich Lipstick

• Beauty Secret (R7)

• Arizona (R8)

• Vesper (T6)

• Rose Des Quatre Saison (T7)

Extra Silky Lipstick

• Rubellite (#129)

• Pink Opal (#130)

• Spessartine (#131).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fresh Brown Sugar Shower Gel

With the success of the Brown Sugar Body Scrub, the lip balm and then add the body cream, it’s no surprise that we see the shower gel added to the collection. It is a wonderful addition to the Fresh family of scents, a light citrus with a slightly sugary aroma of Brown Sugar. It’s a sweet scent for the young and the young at heart, something just a tad bit sweet yet refreshing and effervescent. Aside from the pleasantly refreshing scent, the skin softening ingredients and quality cleansing make this the must have shower treat; even better your daily cleansing gel. It is a scent enjoyed in the shower, then slather on the body lotion and as clean and as refreshed you’ll smell it doesn’t clash with your perfume of choice.

For $18 you get 10oz of pure luxury and quality. Visit the Fresh boutique and you get it gift wrapped at no charge. Want to try some other Fresh products? Ask for the free samples! If you don’t have a Fresh boutique near you, Sephora has this decadent shower gel as well!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bobbi Brown Almost Bare Collection for Summer 2011

Only Bobbi Brown can create makeup for that ‘no makeup’ look and have it be as gorgeous as this. From the bronzers to the lightly shimmered glosses, the Almost Bare Collection creates a gorgeously sunkissed look effortlessly. The entire collection is available on counters everywhere Bobbi Brown is featured.

Bronzing Powder
• Deep Chocolate (Limited Edition)

• Rich Cocoa (Limited Edition)

High Shimmer Lipgloss

• Pink Tulle (Limited Edition)

• Citrus (Limited Edition)

• Bellini (Limited Edition)

Almost Bare Fragrance

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jo Malone with David Hicks for Mothers Day 2011

David Hicks for Jo Malone Collection for Mothers Day includes three new candles: Red Roses Decorated Candle, Lime Basil & Mandarin Decorated Candle and Pomegranate Noir. Each is elegantly decorated to add decor and ambiance to any room, to suit your any mood. Each will be available for $65. What a perfect gift for Moms, grads or just because you must have one!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guerlain Terra Inca: Summer 2011 Collection

This ultra trendy collection of stunning blues and flamboyant oranges announces the arrival of summer. The color drenched browns and ultra chic bronzer gives you a summer glow(the way only Guerlain can) you will never forget!

Terra Inca Star Powder

Terre Indigo 4-Shade Eyeshadow

Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadow

01 Bahia

02 Havna

03 Maya

Terracotta Gloss

07 Salsa,

08 Mamb

09 Tango

Khol Kajal

01 Black Frida.